How to print List

i create a list, use add to collection to put the itens inside, but i need to use the itens 1 by 1 in a place where only accept String type


give a try on String.Join(Environment.NewLine,ListSignature) for e.g. MessageBox

Iteration over the List can be done with for each activity (set TypeArgument to String)

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thanks, for the message box worked, but i dont know if i can use something similar to another problem i have, im using an build activities to create envelopes in a website called docusign, and i can spot where to anchor the signature, but i want to send a list of places to sign, and this type of list isnt working, have another ideia ?

Just try this.

String.Join(" , ",list1)

This type is String


Roger.xaml (4.3 KB)

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