Writeline Activity doesn't recognize or auto-populate "String" keyword or "String.format"


Writeline Activity doesn’t recognize or auto-populate “String” keyword or “String.format”.
The above mentioned functionality was available in “Writeline” activity previousily.
This functionality was removed after the new update in system.activities package.
But I am still able to use the above functionality in “MessageBox” and “Log Message” activities.

@nithaS what you want to do?

Thanks for the reply .

I want to use “WriteLine” activity to print all the elements of a list by using the following method String.join(“,”,ListVariables).As mentioned in the previous post “Writeline” activity is not recognizing “String” or “String.format” .This functionality was previously available in the “Writeline” activity before the update.

This method works fine in “Message box” and “Log message” activities.

@nithaS Give me time. I can try

This above expression is wrong i think so @nithaS

You can try with



Check out the XAMl file

ScrappingSonglength.xaml (7.8 KB)


Thank you .“String.join” is the correct method .I typed string,format by mistake. In the “writeline” activity both string.join and stringiformat methods were not working.

Thank you .

Check out the XAMl file It will give the correct value in the writeLine activity @nithaS

In my environment it is working fine

If it is not working share the video are some screenshot @nithaS


Hi Gokul ,

I checked the xaml file .The Writeline activity in this xaml file is different than the one I have after the update of system.activities package.

Before the update even I was able to print all the list element using string.join from the Writeline activity.

This is the version Uipath.System.Activities(Version 22.8.0-preview) which I have now.

Can you please tell me the version you are using , so I can revert back to that version .

Thank you.


Hello @nithaS

I’am also using the same Uipath.System.Activities(Version 22.8.0-preview) version and able to print the output using writeline activity.


Hi Rahul,

Can you please tell me if you have checked the “Writeline” activity with a new sequence?

The old sequences which I have created previously works fine .I have also checked the xaml file shared in the previous post by Gokul001 , which works as expected.

These are the issues I am facing in the "WriteLine " activity
a)String.join or string.format methods are not being recognized.
b)ctrl+k(for creating a new variable in the field) doesn’t work.

Both a) and b) works fine in the “MessageBox” and “LogMessage”.

Can you please check .

Thank you .

Thank you for all the replies . At last I had figured out the issue .After the new update “Writeline” activity was set to “TextBuilder” by default .

Previously default was set to "Advanced Editor " because of that I was able to create a new variable or use a method just by clicking the field without opening the advance editor. Now I have to manually change it to "Advance Editor " in order to use the methods .

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