How do I print out a List of array of strings?

I have a generic list of array of strings (List<String>). How can I output it’s values? If I use a for each and a log of each item(0).toString. I get a “option strict on disallows late bindings” error.

@DevPerson - string.join(environment.newline,yourarray/list)…

My output is now: “System.String” Not the inner strings itself.



Can you try to set String[] in TypeArgument property of the For Each activity?


@DevPerson - use it outside/before of the for each…


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@Yoichi @prasath17
Thank you for your help I could not get the output to work with the studio activities using your suggestions. But I found a work around. I got it to work with “invoke code” and just looped through the list and array using code. Thanks again.

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