How to print line items?


How do i print the line item values instead of it being a string of table?

Use the Output Data Table activity to convert the table into a delimited string.

How do I target the Table? Since this is coming from ExtractedResults

If ExtractedResults is the datatable, you pass this in as the datatable argument, and then define a String variable to capture the data.

Sorry I just realised its a dataset instead of a datatable. Is it still possible to use the output data table activity?

When you say dataset, do you mean that the data is currently in Excel or a CSV? Just trying to understand how you’re defining a dataset in this context.

I’m currently doing the Document Understanding process. So I exported my ExtractionResults from the Machine Learning Extractor as a Dataset called dt_Output using the Export Extraction Result Activity. Does that give you abit of context?

In that case, what is the datatype of dt_Output after extraction? The variable name indicates that this is a datatable and would be compatible with the Output Datatable activity.

Its a dataset.

Ah, understood. So a DataSet datatype is a collection of Datatables. So to get the first datatable to a string, you would pass dt_Output.Tables(0) into the Output Datatable activity. If you have more tables in your dataset, you can change the index from 0 to 1 or 2, etc. to get a different datatable to a string.

Please note that the DataSet contains MULTIPLE tables. One of them will have the name equal to your table field name. Get it from there :slight_smile:

I always recommend you first loop through your dataset and print each table in an excel file, so you see what tables you have, what names they have, what they contain, etc.