Manipulate and extract data from data table and dataset

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I need your help
I want to extract data from a table of result data, because I want to add this data in rows and not in the form of sheets, I hope you understand with the images below

there change I extract the value of the result variable with name * dataset *

there I save the result as individual sheets in the excel output file

I want to manipulate the * dt * variable so I can extract individual values and add them to excel on a single sheet

there you can see the excel it generates, data sheet by sheet

is there any code to manipulate the data stored in a variable data table

I hope your help
thank you

So you want to add Individual values of a Datatable in different Sheets ?


@borismh For Individual values of cloumn use For Each row activity and inside that use row.item(“ColumnName”).ToString

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Your For each basically has a collection with multiple tables. Since your Write Excel activity is also inside for each, it is creating new sheet for every table

If you wish for them to be in a single excel sheet follow these steps:

  1. Replace Write Excel with Append Excel
  2. Add Headers Separately on your sheet before adding the table data (just headers) (before for each loop)
  3. Sheet name should be the same (remove index property) in the new append activity

This will result in robot writing multiple tables one below the other in the same excel sheet

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