How to log and check data/values from a dataset?

The output of export extaction results is a dataset , how do we check all the data inside a data set ? do we need to convert it ? can we do it using a loop ? Thanks.


Thanks for any idea.

lets assume output var name is outputData (refering to your screenshot)

have a check on following:

  • set breakpoint and debug. inspect the content of outputData .Tables

give a try on
for each activity - item | outputData .Tables | Typeargument: DataTable
and access each contained datatable within the loop

I tried it and then I log the item inside for each but it did not get the correct data

can you please share on how was it done. Such inspections aredone while debugging within watch / locals / immediate panel

please give details on this, thanks

When i tried
it was able to get the correct value

but when I tried
it gives me this result , which is wrong and I dont know where those data come from


btw tax return is the outputData

Both screenshots are doing different things

first screenshot: using first table from data set, iterates over allo rows and logs first col value
Second screenshot: iterate over all tables from dataset and logs the table (we assume the tablename)

as already mentioned such inspection is to do while debugging. In case of you do not want to debug you can do for analysis purpose:

for each activity - item | outputData .Tables | Typeargument: DataTable
(set the output var to idx)

  • write range | item | Worksheetname: “Table_” & idx.tostring //so dump it to excel

can we store it on a datable table instead of excel ?

outputData .Tables is already a collection of DataTable

then how do we for each item collection of a datatable ? do you have some example @ppr

it was answered above in several ways.

An iteration over all tables and over all rows, logging the first col for demo reasons could look like this:

also refer to Academy along the basic trainings the Debugging course is very usefully

what is the data type of the first for each ? and the second one . thanks

second for each row has no need for typeargument as it only for datarows

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OH I see ., system.datatable , thanks

Hi @ppr when I try this one , it only logs the year , it should log all the data in the collections

example log should be
since the collection contains all this data , I want to get the whole collection not jsut the year. Thanks
2019 Paul A B
2019 Paul A B

But the current log is only

just take your time and explore the things a little bit deeper
the question on how to access tables and rows is now cleared
adopting the implementation will touch many uiPath basics (Academy was mentioned above)

Now it is also time that you clear your requirements and share it with us. Based on this we can guide yon on completing the implementation. Thanks

@ppr , in the pdf file I used there are 2 pages and both pages contains
2019 Paul A B

I used D.U to get the data from the page and store in to taxReturns , the data in the collection is

2019 Paul A B

But your example only logs the year

output should be :
2019 Paul A B

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