How to pick a calender date

i wanted to automate so that my bot have to click any date given by the user.
please help me asap. thank you


It seems like Type Into activity work here. So, pass From and To date using Type Into activity.

ok il try. thank you

hey am not able to type into text box…we can just pick the dates .its a dynamic value where a user has to pick any date. so how to achieve this? thank u in advance


Try to do a recording of this step first, to get a grip of what UiPath uses to access the list and then make the click selector dynamic.

If this isn’t reliable, try an Element Appear activity which should be placed after a simple Click activity in the targeted date field (or after any other calendar trigger that you have). The logic should be: when the calendar appears, do the rest)

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Thanks for your quick response. Let me explain it in detail to make it more clear on the issue what I’m facing.

For Example: year per invoice mentioned as 2012 for which in the system i need to click 7 times on the arrow as the arrow will be on default in 2019 which is a current year. however i’ll calculate the number of times the click to be happened. Now here my question is that - is it possible by any other way which i can dynamically click n (defined variable) times in UI-Path.

Please help me out if any solution is available for this.

Thanking you in Advance!!!..

Hi @vinutha1,

I would like to provide you two suggestions,

In the run time, calculate the difference between current year (2019) and year mentioned in invoice(2012). Now you can make that number of clicks using a while loop.

  1. Analyse the selector whether you can make the year dynamic.
    If possible, please share the selector here.

sorry we don’t have here selector option…as there is only option to select it as image. please suggest

Okay, then you can calculate the number of clicks and loop that number of times.

n = 2019 - invoice_year
counter = 0
while (counter > n)
         Click image

ok il try thank u so much

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please tel me how to find the date available or not in a particular list …if it is available bot has to click on something


Hi , this very easy, you have to do it with a type into
Main.xaml (7.0 KB)
Here is an example that I have done in Facebook and it is working, try it if you want, it is working for google chrome.
Basically you have to use type into activitu, select in screen where you want to choose , and write in the type into activity what you want to select , if you want to select 18 write “18”.
Let me know if you have problems

how to assign first 15 days of the month to one variable & last 15 days of the month to another variable .EX: 04/01/2019 - 04/15/2019 & 04/16/2019-04/30/2019
please suggest thank you

i want to dynamically click on particular month. suggest me what is the method to use