Creating a variable to click a different date in calender with every loop

I have created a process which will need to read data from an excel sheet. That data will then be used to complete a form as part of an application form.
There is a date component which looks like an actual calender, the year is a dropdown where I used a select item, month is a dropdown and where I used a select item. But the day is where I need to do a click.
I need to loop through the process using different data and specific dates. I need some assistance setting up the variables for each loop?
I have created the variable DebitOrderDay, not sure about the other variable setup.
I have added a screenshot to see what the calender looks like.
2020-03-09 14_01_15-TrnAccount

This is what my process looks like to select the date. I just dont know how I am going to automate the day selections.
2020-03-09 14_05_49-UiPath Studio - OpenAccount

It looks like there is a place to type the date in. Can you use a Set Text activity to set the date directly rather than using the date picker?

Unfortunately not editable. If I could type the date I would have done so.

There are some solutions in the post below. It will involve writing logic which will iterate through each of the years, months, and days.

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