How to perform tasks in several different tabs in one browser?

Hello there!

I am trying to open several tabs in the same browser and perform different tasks in each one. The problem is that every time I switch to the next tab, UiPath switches back to the original tab and then the automation fails because its no longer on the correct page. How can I perform the correct tasks in the correct tabs inside the same browser?

(I am able to perform the tasks in separate browsers using the “Use Application/Browser” element.)

I’ve been looking through a lot of posts on here and so far haven’t been able to find the solution using StudioX, so I hope someone could help.


Hi @brooke.goehring,

Are you using StudioX for developing the workflow or Studio?


@brooke.goehring ,

which one do you use Studio or StudioX?


@90s_Developer I am using StudioX

I found the solution, for those who have encountered similar problems.

Firstly, the tasks to be completed in the first tab should be inside the use browser activity. After your activities are added for this tab (stay inside this browser activity) add the keyboard shortcut “Crtl + T” to create a new tab. Then use “type into” on the search bar and include the second web address. Next, use the keyboard shortcut for “enter”.

Now you will use a new “use application/browser” activity (outside of the previous one) and indicate the page you want to use in your second tab. Clear the browser URL (since you already have it open in your second tab) and then go the properties panel and turn the option for “open” to “Never”. This ensure that the robot will operate in your new tab and not a new browser. Now you can perform all the activities you would like in this tab.

NOTE: if you would like your tabs to stay open after the automation, toggle the “close” option in the properties panel to “Never”.

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