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TLDR: Having issues using a new chrome tab within my project.

So I’m trying to automate Salesforce User creation at my company… I have no problem inputting data into fields from an excel file, using the browser as a source, etc…

When I try to assign them licenses to products, Salesforce opens a new tab… we go from to a new tab that’s I realized that just selecting elements in the new tab didn’t work, so I tried to do a new “use browser” activity, from within the first “use browser” activity. When creating the new use browser activity, I go to the tab I want to be on, select that when asked to indicate my activity, and I see the appropriate URL in the ‘browser url’ field of the new activity. Unfortunately, any time I try to run the activities that live inside that new ‘use browser’ activity, it says it’s “unable to find the UI element for this action”. However, when I select ‘edit target’ on the activity inside it, UIPath is able to find the elements instantly.

Note… Currently my project starts from action 0 as “use browser”, then “use excel file” then “for each excel row”… I’m guessing that I should start my project with “use excel file”, then “for each excel row”, then “use browser” and when it moves to the new tab, go outside of the first “use browser” activity? (while staying within the 2 excel activities)

Is there something obvious I’m missing besides the above? I didn’t think using a browser source from inside another source would be a problem, but every time it tries to go back to the original source browser. Even when I tried to just “click” into the new tab, it goes back to the original, and when I close the original tab, it opens a new one.

Let me know if you need clarification, I tried my best to be clear lol

I figured it out! Apparently (I’m sure other know this lol), you can click on the little icon of the webpage and select which browser/application you want a certain activity to use! This fixed it for me entirely and my project is working now.

Gonna keep this up instead of deleting in case someone sees this in the future and it helps them lol :slight_smile:

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