How to perform scraping if full block is getting selected


I am trying to extract data from a web application. I tried using Screen Scrapping, Data Scrapping, Click Element, however, instead of one field full block is getting selected. I am using Crome and extensions are installed on it. Can anybody help me.


Hi @Suniltamanekar ,

This happens when UIPath is not able to get the selectors.

Things you can Try :

  1. Try scrapping some other webpage in other browser and check whether Uipath is able to identify elements. You can make use of UIExplorer for same.

  2. If Uipath is Not able to identify any of other website - browser (meaning - full block is selected) - You have to re install the browser extensions.

  3. If ui Explorer is able to identify elements in other websites/ browser and NOT in your case- you then have to use - Image or CV activities .

Below are the links:


Thanks Mukesh,

I tried all options suggested but it still not working. I am new to UiPath and not sure how to UIExplorer. Is there other solution.



Is it possible for you to share the website link , if it’s not internal / confidential ?

Thanks Mukesh,

The site pertains to my orgnasation application hence I can not share it.
Is there any other way to overcome the issue.


  1. Go to : In Ui Explorer from Top Header Tab

  1. click on indicate Element

  2. Now try to locate element inside browser (Chrome). As you can see , i am not able to select any element and getting a box. - This is because I have plugin not installed for uipath in chrome.

  1. Same I am trying in IE - I am able to uniquely identify element.

This is how you use UI Explorer to check wether UiElements are identified or not.

Please check with IE or some other browser. If still not working … you will have to use image automation.