Data Scraping on my web page does not do as the uiacademy looks

When I start scraping data after Next, in Academy’s video it looks that cursor goes directly to select the first link of the item in web page it selecting only the link of item

But in my computer does not highlight only one item, it hightlight all screen as the following screen

. It seems that something is wrong. This do it with Internet Explorer (“Edge”),

In google chrome do it too, so, when I take data to csv file, the file is not as table. (file attached)

Why is it happening this behavior, is it any configuration, What am I doing wrong?

I appreciate your help.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @Gisela_Bernal_Avila,

In chrome or firefox, you must install extensions uipath.

And in this case, try again with “default” Internet Explorer not “edge”

Try this -


Thank you very much for your answers, I really appreciate them, I tried using IE and it worked!! but even I have installed extension to Chrome continues without selecting exactly items,

I have installed 3 extensions but dont appear anymore for data scrapping(attached image)

There should be installed another one??
Thanks a lot!!!

Try to uninstall and reinstall the extension and do not forget to restart browser after every installation