How to perform right click activity in uipath

hello guys ,

I am developing one workflow in uipath in that I want to export an report in Excel format.
But for that I have to right click on an element .
i have tried to do that using click activity and also using desktop recording but it didn’t work!
The error I am getting is it cannot find the ui element corresponding to this selector!
can anyone will help me out?

Hi @priyanka2,
Use send hotkey activity and keep shift and f10


You can change it in the properties

In the workflow you have, you will have a click activity . Select the activity which you want to click on that and in the properties tab, select the right as in the screen

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hello Vashisht,

I used the send hotkey activity but still its showing the same error.:worried:

hello Hareesh,

I already used that trick but it won’t work!:disappointed_relieved:

Please post of the selector you are using in the click activity

Are you getting the screen in any pop up or in the parent screen? @priyanka2


Hi @priyanka2,

Can you please select only aaname alone as static selector and remove the parent id as well as tag by using UiExplorer and using highlight option to make sure to indicate the correct Uielement and run.


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Hi Mohan ,

The element on which i want to right click is a type of action button on which if I right click it will opens a dropdown list and if I left click on that it will arrange the records in ascending/descending order .
May be because of that it couldn’t be identified.

I tried to do that using your solution but still it won’t work!

I used recording to only just right click , it worked but for only once .

Hey Mohan,

Your suggestion got worked out finally:heart_eyes:
thank you so much for the help.

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Hi @priyanka2,

That’s sounds good.

Can you Please close this thread as mark solution.


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