Finding a UI element off the screen


I am trying to do a right click activity on an ui element that starts off being off screen. It is a folder that I am accessing using file explorer. I am able to open file explorer and use a type into activity to get to the parent directory but there are many folders in there and the folder I am trying to right click on is off screen.

I cannot get uipath to be able to find the folder, I have tried using simulate click, send window messages in my click activity both give me same error that it cannot find the ui element. It does work if I manually scroll the explorer item list down until the folder comes into view. I have though about using a while loop and sending hot key page down and checking to see if element is visible but want a more elegant solution since I have to loop through a lot of directories and do this for each.


Could you explain what information you are trying to get? I could write a workflow to you
Right clicking in the interface won’t help you, I can write some code to you


Unfortunately, I have to use a right click activity to call an custom application in the context menu of the folder. Its custom code that archives the folder and its contents to HPE content manager. So I am not trying to get information per say. I attached screenshot to show what I am doing. I am right clicking on folder 201705 Data and executing the “Import to CM” executable.

I have been able to use a element exists check inside a while loop and sending hotkey page down until the element shows up to get it to work. But the element exists activity is just too slow. I have to loop through about 200 folders.

Hy, understood.

You can try the ‘send hotkey’ activity to navigate to the menu.
It will emulate clicks on the keyboard,

please let me know if it works



you can try this :

  1. setting directory view list (not by robot)
  2. use type into search bar using string folder name
  3. wait delay xx sekon
  4. click on top search result
  5. right click or anything you want


Thank you. This is a much quicker, easier to implement and more elegant way of doing it instead of the while loop I was using.

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