Issue with Right click activity

I need to right click on a report output which is shown in the image on the right and click on ‘export grid’ to export the output of the report to a csv file.

I am able to automate this using the click activity in UI Path.

But the issue i am facing is if the report output changes based on the parameters then UIPath is looking for the value of the field which i right clicked. In my case lets say i built the automation by right clicking on invoice number 9121 in the image shown then when the automation is running and it does not find the 9121 in the report output first page then the automation is failing. It is looking for that 9121. I am trying to understand if there is a way to have UIPath not look for any thing on the report output and just right click.


Hey, if can you share your right click selector I may help you or you can try to use “Convert to-dynamic text target” option after indicate the field.