How to paste text on WhatsApp

Hi everyone, I am a beginner on Uipath, and I am trying to make a project that is auto send message via WhatsApp from text file. However, it’s seemed so difficult to paste text on WhatsApp.

For example:

Dear sir,

here is a profile:



I’ve tried to use set text activity and get from Clipboard but they don’t work… So I use type into activity, but it will be sent sentences one by one.

so does anyone can give me some suggestions on this?

Thanks for help

make a loop where type into activity writes the first part, send shifit+enter for next line and then next part of the message is typed in (for each loop with message part stored as items)

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Thanks for your help!!!

I’ll try!! thank you

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hello @oceanocean give a try on below as well
copy the text to clipvboard via set to clipboard activity and then click on input field followed by hotkey Ctl + v to the paste the that text to field.
you can also add get text activity to check if text is pasted correctly or not.

Thanks for suggestion ^^, I will try later