Dear Developers,

Would like to know if it is possible to use RPA to send out messages using WhatsApp.
Assuming I have an Excel file of mobile numbers and I want to send a promotion message to all of them

I used Share on WhatsApp (Singapore mobile number). It got to the Web WhatsApp screen but stops there and I cannot TYPE INTO the message area.

Any suggestion?

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Welcome to our uipath community.

May I know what browser are you using here ?

If you are using other than IE browser we need to install extension from Uipath studio. Try to Install it and then check once.

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Hi @angezprogolfcom

It shouldn’t be a problem… I just checked… Uipath works perfectly with whatsApp desktop app as well…

Change the browser like @lakshman said and try again… also make sure the browser extension is installed…


Welcome to uipath community

Kindly enable SIMULATE TYPE property in the property panel of type into activity and try once
And while using click activity also enable simulate type property in the property panel

Cheers @angezprogolfcom

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Thanks for the welcome and tips. I am using Chrome.

Still no luck

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Restart both chrome and studio application after installed extension.

And also once give it a try with IE browser.

haha - done that many times - still no luck

Do you know have anybody done this to a good degree of success?

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Ok then use Computer Vision activities and check it once.

Thank you. Will try YouTube to see if I can get any success

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Are you able to get any help on this one… my experience is that the selector is not working properly… even after indicating the UI element it fails to validate second time with the same selector

have tried CV activities,but the problem arises when its unable to get a proper selector for CV screen scope…thus cannot proceed further… Do let me know if its working for anyone else…


UiPath Use Case -1 WhatsApp Automation for Bulk Messages using UiPath - YouTube

Can we try the same thing on GBWhatsapp APK mobile application. For example I have https://wa.me/8027380422 US Mobile number.