How do i paste a variable value into a Browser Recording

I am playing around with uiPath and trying to paste an Email Subject into a WhatsApp Chat via the browser.
I can create a recording and open the correct chat in WhatsApp Web but how do I use a variable that I created in a “Get Outlook Mail Message” and paste it in the Browser?


Hi @danieRSA

You might want to use a loop here.

Get Outlook Mail Message can contain multiple mail messages.

So use a for each loop, and use the outlook mail avariable to loop through…

inside the loop, use the item variable to access the body, header or other elements you wish to type in WhatsApp…

For example

For item in Mailmessages

This can be used in a type into activity to type in whatsapp chat

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
The problem is i dont see a way of assigning a var to the text box where i need to type. Not the approach.

Have you tried using the type into activity to try typing the value in the text box?

while recording just mention any string value say if we have mentioned like abc once after recording it will reflect in the TYPE INTO activity as a string “abc”
–now use a remove that “abc” from TYPE INTO activity and mention the variable you want and it should be of type string as this activity takes in string datatype variable as input

Cheers @danieRSA