Get text from Whatsapp

I want to search a particular number in whatsapp and get a recent text of that chat whether it is already seen or not but i wanna a recent text how can i do it. get text activity is not give a accurate results.

Go to the chat and use Table Extraction.

Have a view on this thread for more insights

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Hello @praveen5

  1. Open Browser to WhatsApp Web.

  2. Search for the contact using “Type Into” and “Enter.”

  3. Click on the chat.

  4. Scroll up and extract the text using “Send Hotkey” (Ctrl + Arrow Up) and “Get Text.”

  5. Identify the most recent message using timestamp or criteria.

  6. Store the recent text.

  7. Close the browser.

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i want to get particular chat last message. with get text or get attribute activity it didn’t work.
so please guide me…