How to paste Datatable column values in SAP all at once

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I have Data table values from that i need to paste billing document values in sap. All the values at a time how to paste it.Can some one please help me on this

Hi @thima

are you able to use type into and have you enabled GUI SAP editing option

Ashwin S

Yes i have enabled GUI SAP option

Hi @thima,

Please use a For Each Row activity (Data Table) to go through a loop. And now use a Type Into activity selecting the 1st cell of that particular column and then use down option in a Send Hot Key activity.

Hope you will find your solution.

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But i have huge data 50000 records,is there any other possible solution?

Hi @thima,

If only entering data into your mentioned field is permissible in SAP then, the solution will work for any number of data.

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HI @thima

I would suggest to use this SAP functionality

So it means in the first step, you will copy&paste all data from Excel or from original file into Clipboard, than go to SAP and use the button “Upload from Clipboard”. This will insert all 50000 entries at once in SAP just in a second.

Try it out and let me know if it helps

Best regards, Lev

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