How to pass the variable in SMTP body

Hi guys,

I need pass variable in SMTP body ,

Hi name, “name” is a variable .

Hello world.

Please can anyone help this

yah like this
String.Format(“Hi {0}, Hello world”,yourvariable.ToString)
where {0} is the place holder for that variable

we can place this expression in the body property of the SMTP activity
Cheers @Raja.G

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   Hi name, '"+yourVar.Tostring+"' is a variable.


Thanks, working fine

Cheers @Raja.G

I have another question

I couldn’t able to write next line in SMTP body

I need below format,

Hi Raja G,

Please fill the kyc form,

can u help this

Mention like this this in body property
“Hi Raja G,”+Environment.Newline+”Please fill the kyc form,”+Environment.Newline+”Auzmor Learn

Cheers @Raja.G


Raja G is a variable,

In bottom of body page I need ,
Raja G


anyone know this bug “Assign: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list.”

i couldn’t able to assign “string.Format( str_input.ToString)”

This is for email automation, i give to email template but i couldn’t


you have html code of email format template