How to insert Variable in email message

I send an email at the end of the process. I am using SMTP and have the message formatted as HTML. I have the check mark for Body is HTML in the activity. I am trying to insert a variable in the message that is read from an excel file. I have the variable created and verified it is reading the excel file and creating the variable correctly.

"Daily Rig Count Report is ready for Review. Please Click the link to access

[spoiler]Power BI

insert variable here



Say the body string is stored in a variable str then use Str.Replace("insert variable here",variable)

You just need to have a placel
Holder in your html string that you create and then use replace in your code to replace with required variable

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I have the body typed out like this, not using a variable. I am trying to insert the variable I create early in the process. Trying to put the variable in between the brbr and the next brbr

“Daily Rig Count Report is ready for Review. Please Click the link to access
Power BI>


For simple case we can do it by String methods / replacings
String.Format("Dear {0} ABC other text <br> BR Rob The Bot", myStringVar)

Also have a look at:



Then as auggested use string format or…

You would have included the content
In double quotes …

"Your content " + variable

If using html content editor…then select add values and pass the variable and select it

Variables are included like this {{variable}}