Passing dynamic values in mail body


I have a senario like I have some 3 variables after every process it’s values will change and I need to pass the values of that variable in mail body and send a mail. I need to get mail like this.
Hello team,
Error_count= 1

Thank you.

I have saved the values 1 and 10 in two different variables how to pass that variable in mail body.

Thank you

Hello @sanjay_gowda ,

You can simply pass like this:

"Hello team,<br>Error_count="+A+"<br>Warning="+B+"<br>Thank you"

A and B are the variables. Make sure you enable the ISBodyHTML in the property.


Try like this.

Hello team,
Error_count= ErrorCount

Thank you.

Replace ErrorCount and WarningCount text with variable values.

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Getting the output but I’m getting everything in a single line no as expected.

It says string must be inside double quotes

Have you enable IsBodyHTML property? As we are giving <br> it expects an HTML body.


Yes got it now thank you

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