Smtp body option IsBodyHtml with variables

Hi again guys.

In this case i’m trying to put variables inside body html

but appear an error, variables are strings so i don’t know what happend :confused:

Help Please :'3

Hi @Julio_Mendoza

Use my workflow to check how to insert variable inside HTML, in workflow , I had used the transferring variables inside the HTML,

In this workflow, I am sending a tabular format body in email hope it would be useful

Hope it helps

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Nived N :robot:

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If my translation is correct the error says you may be missing one or more quotation marks around string(s) within the body. In the past I accomplished a similar use case using String.Format(). You can replace the “+Nombre+”, “+Apellido+”, etc with placeholders like {0}, {1}, and {2} and assign the entire HTML body string to a variable. If we called the variable “emailBody” you’d do something like:


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