How to pass " symbol as a character


I have to write a command into cmd where is nedded to write the symbol " . How is it possible to indicate that it is a character and not an ends of string?

Hi @Siltra,

Use double double " you will get one

For example "value ""26363"""

You will get value"26363"



Hi Siltra,

As I understand, you want to pass a double quote inside your string. Solution - You need write double quote two times in your string. For your reference use below method to pass " in your string.

e.g. - “My Name is ““Vikas”””
Output- My Name is “Vikas”

I hope, it will help you out.


Thanks for yours answers. Actually it works for Uipath enviroment, but when the robot write into the command prompt it puts symbol ° instead of "

Any idea?

It works fine for me @Siltra
GETCOLUMN.xaml (5.5 KB)

Hi @Siltra,

Let’s say you want to print “hello” in the command prompt window.

In Command Prompt, you need to type:

echo “hello”

and it’ll print


To mimic this via UiPath, all you need to do is place a “type into” activity and write into it

"echo ““hello”” "

or if you assign the command to a generic variable and then type that in the “type-into” activity
kinda something like this screenshot.

TL;DR - Apart from the entire line being inside double-quotations, the required word is also placed double double-quotations.

All the Best!


not for me :frowning:

I think the problem could be some computer settings…

Hi @Siltra,

can you share your XAML File?

@Siltra, what’s the default language in your machine ?? I guess, this is happening only because of a different language. I’m not sure about that.

What if the string you want to pass only has ONE double quotation at the end or beginning.
Using the echo hello example above.

You want the result to be:
echo "hello

I can’t seem to get it to work with only 1 double quote? It keeps giving me the incomplete expression error.
Any ideas? can I use the (U+201C) value? Thanks for any help.

Hi @jgilliland
you should be able to embed the quotes like this:

"""hello" or """"+"hello"

Other times you need a slash infront like \"



the “”""+“hello” variation work. Thanks Clayton.