How to pass image from one workflow file to other workflow file and use it in send outlook mail message activity?

Hello Everyone,

I have workflow files named validatename, validatename1, validatename2 and which are included inside switch case in main workflow file and those 3 workflow will be invoked based on switch case. Once invoked, using in_argument passing data to next workflow named validation workflow file where all the required condition are checked. Then using invoke method and string builder appending the values from three workflow file to string builder variable in validation workflow and passing back to main workflow file. From main workflow file I’m sending the consolidated email but I not able to attach the screenshot to the mail which I took in three work flow files. I have tried using the out_argument to send back to main workflow and tried to attach it in attach files section of send outlook mail messages activity but doesn’t work. Can anyone please guide me on this.

Thanks in Advance!


Are you passing the path of the Image or the Image variable?

Instead of Image variable, can you capture entire path of the Image file
Also check if the variable is having the valid path of the file



I’m just passing the Image variable to main workflow and using it attach files section.



Can you please tell how you are trying and what error you are getting please


I have two workflow files validation and Main, After taking the screenshot I’m saving as .png file by creating screenshot folder in project file. Then using out argument I’m passing back the image file from validation workflow to Main workflow file after that I need to send out an email.
But it pops out an error file name or path doesn’t exists.

Created out_Image argument in validation workflow and using assign activity assigned image file to out argument. In main workflow I saved the out argument to image variable.
Trying to use the variable name in attach file section of send outlook mail messages activity.


Please use log mesaage and print the location

And please check link i procided