Im trying to use invoke with 1 argument

Hi everyone
Im trying to use invoke with 1 argument and its not working
Im getting an email address in the Main and in the other program I’m getting the address and inputing it in the send email outlook
but in the send email program when I’m checking the address - its empty
I tried to change the in/out property and didnt work

Send files in Outlook.xaml (6.0 KB) Main.xaml (5.3 KB)

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Let’s say like the email value is stored in a variable named str_mailid in MAIN xaml
Now inside another workflow xaml where we want to use this email if variable create a argument in its xaml (not in main) with IN direction named in_strMailId
Now while calling this xaml in Main with INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity click on Import arguments option
Then in property panel of Invoke workflow file activity click on Arguments property and there we will be able to see that IN argument (in_strMailId)
So now assign the variable str_MailId (the one in main xaml) as value to this IN Argument (in_strMailId)

Finally in that xaml we can get the mail I’d value with that IN argument like this in_strMailId.ToString

Cheers @dlichten

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it worked perfectly!
(the problem was that in the other xaml file I used the variable and not the argument)

Thank u very much

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