Adding hyperlink in body of the send exchange mail message activity

Hey Devs, Im sending out email using the send exchange activity and trying to place a hyperlink in the body. Any idea of how I can place my hyperlink in the body?


Please tick the isBodyHtml property and then include the hyper link in body by using html tag as < a href=“yourhyperLink”>yourHyperLink< /a>

let us know if this helps

Pavan H

a href=“”>Google< /a> something like this?

if so it didnt work.

yeah this is not working, i am having this problem as well…it seem that UIpath not recognize the double quote after the href

Hi @tehba

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Have you tried escaping your quotes? Like so:
"<a href=""yourhyperLink"">yourHyperLink</a>"



hi, how to modify if there is a space in the hyperlink and if it is a sharedrive folder instead of website?


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You should look up URL encoding, it should do the trick.

I would think of something like this: