I’m facing problems to creating anything with BAPI, for reading is ok, I already can read using BAPI, but to creating I can’t map the fields in a data row to execute BAPI.

If anyone already created anything with BAPI could please share a sample code?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @dgregorys

Have you tried the latest BAPI package 2.0.0? I suppose it still needs to be documented, but some reference should be available soon :slight_smile:
I know for sure that the experience was improved with that version.

Hello @dgregorys,

Please refer to the v2 of the BAPI released in 2019.5. You can now Export Parameters for the BAPI into an excel. For each DataRow and DataTable parameter, you will have the list of fields/columns and related meta-data to help you setup the variables or an excel for input.



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