How to iterate through a DataRow got from Invoking SAP BAPI for invoices

Trying to iterate through a DataRow output got from invoking a SAP BAPI

Getting an error on implicit conversion from DataRow to IEnumerable as given below, Is there any documentation on SAP Uipath.SAP.BAPI Activites ver 2.2.1 , as to how to pass datatable and retrieve in a BAPI call.

Any inputs on this will be helpful.

if it’s a datatable we need to pass that as input to FOR EACH ROW activity
may the process we are trying automate here

Its a DataRow that is being returned from the SAP BAPI call

So if we want to get the value of datarow then mention like this in FOR EACH activity
row.ItemArray So that it will get converted to array of elements

Cheers @mailsmithash

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Thanks much its working now. Are there any examples or doucmentation on this SAP BAPI activites package for passing Datarows and Datatables into the SAP BAPI call.

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I hope we don’t have any such buddy
May be in future release
Cheers @mailsmithash

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