How to pass data from datatable to data grid

I am using a form activity where i am using data grid component so how i can pass data into it and print the data.


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Hi @shruti.garg

To pass data into the Data Grid component of a Form in UiPath and print the data, you can follow these steps:

=> Step 1 → Prepare the data that you want to display in the Data Grid. The data should be in a format that is compatible with the Data Grid component, such as a DataTable.
=> Step 2 → Add a Form activity to your UiPath project and configure it as needed.
=> Step 3 → In the Form Designer, drag and drop a Data Grid component onto the form.
=> Step 4 → Create a DataTable variable in UiPath to hold the data that you want to display in the Data Grid.
=> Step 5 → Use the “Assign” activity to populate the DataTable with the data you want to display. You can add rows and columns to the DataTable programmatically or load it from an external source like Excel or a database.
=> Step 6 → Pass the DataTable variable to the Data Grid component. In the properties of the Data Grid component, find the “DataTable” property and assign the DataTable variable to it.
=> Step 7 → If you want to print the data from the Data Grid, you can use the “Output Data Table” activity to display the data in the Output panel.

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@shruti.garg Did this solution from @mkankatala work?

The video linked above from @Anil_G is 3 years old. While similar, there are differences between how Forms functions then and now.

I am looking to pass a data table (of varying number of rows, but always 3 columns with set headers) into a Form, then have a user interact with it before they click a button. Any ideas?

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  1. Create a datatable argument and link it to the datatable.
  2. In data grid give the datatable as the field key
  3. Make sure the column names exactly match the datatable in field properties of each each inside the datagrid


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Thank you for explaining! I was mixing up the Label and Field Key of each element of the Table. The Field Key for each column in the Data Grid needs to match each header of the datatable exactly.

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