How to pass a DataTable to a UiPath Form in version 23.4.1-preview

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to pass a dataTable to a form on the latest [ UiPath.Form.Activities ] instance.

Is there a way to do it?
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Please check out this video:

That video is 3 years old. Whereas there are some similarities between Forms then and now, there is quite a bit different.

I’m finding it difficult to do this as well. I’ve tried creating a data table and pulling it in to display it, but it does not appear. I’ve also tried making a data grid, but no luck.

Is there a way to take a data table of any size and display its values for the user to interact with?

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@Tuannna1 Here’s the solution to your problem:

Also, it has a sample project at the end of the documentation.

Still doesn’t address using the DataTable instead of the DataGrid.

Hi, @fred.bullmer. We ended up abandoning our attempts to update a data table or data grid within the same form. Instead, we get the response from the user, close Form 1, and immediately present one of 3 new form types (or end the process) based on the data we received from the user in Form 1. Here is a snippet from the workflow where we did this. It works as we were hoping the approach within a single form would work. Hope it helps.

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BTW, I figured out in the Text Field components you drop into the Data Table, the Field Data identifier (dtrow.item(“ColumnName”) is CASE SENSITIVE !!

Hi @Tuannna1
Please make sure the column names in the data table is as same as the columns in data grid. And these names are case sensitive.
Please try and let me know if it works.
Thank you.