How to paginate Queue Items > 1000

@rahulsharma @Hamit_Dinc

Have any one of you implemented the solution since unable to find the skip option in http request

Hi @Naveen_Chaganti welcome to the forums!

As mentioned in the referenced topic, you can paginate through the Queue Items by passing query parameters to the API End point, specifically $skip and each time you loop over, increase it by the volume that you want to paginate through, the maximum returned results by default is 1000

  1. /odata/QueueItems?$skip=0
  2. /odata/QueueItems?$skip=1000
  3. /odata/QueueItems?$skip=2000

And so on.

If you wanted to process < 1000 at a time, you can provide the query parameter $top=10 again has a maximum of 1000.

Depending on your needs, I would also suggest of using the other available properties to limit the packet size or the amount of processing you need to do.

More information on the available OData Clauses can be found here

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