Open button UiPath Studio Community Doesn't Work

I’m unable to use the Open feature and or open a previously made UIPath file script from Windows Explorer. has something changed? I’m worried I’ve lost days of work!

Any help or guidance is very appreciated.

Can you share the screenshot of the option you are referring to, if possible share the xaml.

I’m trying to open any of the xaml files that I’ve created historically. The “Open” button under the “Start” menu won’t allow me to click on it. It just stopped working on today. So now I’m unable to access any previously created xaml files.

Sorry if my first post was unclear.

What happens when you click directly on Xaml file inside your project foler?

I get a the hourglass pointer then nothing opens. It’s bizarre.

Additional information: this laptop is brand new. I have no new software installed on it since purchase on Saturday except MS Office and Google Chrome.

How about Repair UiPath Studio from control panel and try.

That worked! Thank you!