Cannot Spy Elements in Citrix Automation

Hi Team,

We are trying to automate Citrix Environment. For that, We actually installed Uipath Remote Runtime in citrix environment and also enabled citrix and Window Remote Desktop plug-ins in studio server. In addition to that we also installed citrix receiver in studio server.

NOTE: The Remote server machine is opening as a URL in chrome. Is there any additional thing need to be done to handle this scenario ?.

Kindly Help us to resolve the issue.


Hi @manikandands!

To get elements with selectors, you need the Studio to be installed directly on the server, and automate connected inside there.

If you cannot directly access the server, you can’t get the elements, only automate via Image or Type, check this video below for more details how to do it:

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Actually it’s RDP opening as a tab in Chrome. Can you please advice us with a solution to handle this scenario ?. @Marcelo_Guimaraes

If you cannot install Studio inside the machine that the RDP is connected, and automate from there, unfortunately you cannot spy the elements inside of it. As i said, the only way in this case is through Image automation as depicted in the video i shared before.