Open browser in Native Citrix Automation

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

In the Native Citrix recording panel, can you please let me know why there is no Open browser feature like the web recorder? I drag-dropped Open browser activity and tried running but it is not working inside citrix. So to launch web applications inside citrix do we have to open internet explorer, type into address bar and hit enter? Kindly clarify. Thanks!

Yah in Citrix wizard we won’t be having open browser as we have in other revising wizards
So to do that along the process
—make sure that the Citrix environment is connected with Remote Desktop connection
—once after that use MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity so that Citrix window will be maximised and what ever set of activities performed from there in will be executed inside the Citrix windows only
—so to open browser we can use normal open browser activity and mention the url

The thing why you were getting wore is
Either Citrix environment is not connected
Though connected it’s not set to full screen

That’s why buddy
Hope this would help you

Cheers @Siddarth_Nair

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Thanks for your valuable inputs @Palaniyappan but I have a question-

I am currently using seamless mode of citrix desktop, not fullscreen mode. In seamless mode after I maximize the citrix window, I see both the citrix window taskbar as well as my parent window taskbar. UiPath studio is installed in my parent window so I can easily automate with citrix window maxiimized in seamless mode. If I use fullscreen mode of the citrix, I don’t see the parent desktop’s taskbar. I have to switch manually by Shift+F2 keyboard keys. If I try Find Image/Element or Image Exists activities and try indicating on screen, the Citrix window is not available to select, only the parent desktop is available. I hope you understand.