I want to open multiple tab (of same browser) after logging the website and execute certain actions. Is it possible?

First of all, I wanted to open multiple tabs (say 5) and execute certain tasks. After that I want to close a particular tab after finishing all the action and moving on to the next tab. is this possible? How can this be done?


Please check
This on how to open multipel tabs…

And for closing …save the ui browser elements and use them to close…or even on the basis of title we can close

Hope this helps


How can we open new tab in the same browser using open browser activity in UiPath?


You cannot use open browser to open new tab …instead follow these steps using attach browser

  1. Attach Existing Browser using “Attach browser”
  2. Send Hotkey "Ctrl + t " to open a new tab
  3. Attach Newly opened tab using “Attach browser” Activity in the same browser
  4. Use the “Navigate” Activity to search the URL.