How to open and interact with desktop application (shortcut icon on desktop) in remote computer using UiPath Robot deployed over there


I have successfully connected and deployed robot on remote computer using orchestrator. I have successfully publish one sample process (e.g. open browser) to check and found working fine using robot on remote computer (remote computer opens the browser).

Now, I need to open one application (shortcut available on desktop) using UIi Robot available in that machine and interact with that application (filter data by entering dates) to extract some report data and send email.

Can anyone please help.


Click on that Shortcut available on desktop and go to properties and assign one shortcut key to open that application.

And then use Send Hot Key activity and pass assigned short cut key into it.

I used “Start Process” and provide full file path. This way i am successfully open application now. Thank you.

I can not indicate UI element from my local machine (where i am developing process using UiPath Studio) to remote machine. I don’t know why?

Now, i want to interact with that application. like, i need to enter employee id in text box and click on search and etc… how can i do that?

I currently connected with remote computer using LogMeIn Client application.


You can try with Computer Vision activities. By using this, we can easily identify elements in remote application.


this one sir?


Please check below thread and install Computer Vision activities.

AI Computer Vision is Now Available for Preview

I installed Computer Vision perfectly and looks working fine as well. But somehow my static text is not filling in my text box and error is “Can not find the UI element corresponding to this selector”.

Can you please help?

Note: When i type manually in text box it is writing in password manner like ****. Is it something which is mysterious here to not typing my text using robot?