How to open active directory?

It is a part of my requirement, to open Active Directory and search the User(User name will get from some other process) then I need to get all the required user details and finally close the application.

So I have to open the AD Application. I have tried opening with Open application activity, Command prompt, Powershell in UiPath but found no luck.
Suggest me any other way to open the AD.

Open application activity is trying to open some other application but the actual application is:

P.S. Please avoid suggesting Hotkey usage.

Hi Mani,

I’ve never used this AD application (on my side I always go to the Azure AD). But you could try using Start Process and the name of the process of your application (it would be the equivalent of using Win+R). If you don’t know the name of the application, you can open it, then open the task manager, search for your application and check the name (and path) in the properties (right click).

Maybe it works


You can use AD related activities package as below

Hope this may helps you


I have tried using the same prior.
In task manager process shows Microsoft Management console application(mmc) under that AD is showing but I cannot find AD’s location. :neutral_face:

@Srini84 thanks for the insight! Actually I don’t know AD Server(Domain Controller server), coz it is a part of my organization application, I cannot have the complete access over that. To use the suggested activities, requires server details.


OK, Hope below may helps you as you are using mmc


After many trail and error attempts, found a simple solution with start process by providing arguments to it. :sweat_smile:


Thank you @Srini84 @RockSolid very much for your insights.

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