Other Activity aside Open Application

Hello. Is there any other way to open the Outlook aside from Open Application activity and Start Process activity? Any help would do. Thanks!


How about double click icon of Outlook on desktop?



I mean using UiPath


I mean double click activity. Doesn’t this fit for you?


Ohh. It will work for my personal laptop but I am planning to pass this to my group so I am worried if their Outlook is not in the desktop window. Is there any other way? Thanks for the help so far!

You can open applications using CMD too.


All right.
BTW, can you share why you cannot use open application or start process?


That is a nice idea! Let me try it. Thank you @Shraddha_Gore and @Yoichi for the ideas. It really helped

Use shortcut key windows R and type outllok.exe in the run you can open

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