Automate Application

Hi All,

I am trying to automate a desktop application. We used to open that application with Admin Access i.e.,right click on that application, select run as administrator and enter credentials. for that credentials one pop up will open. I am not able to indicate that pop up in select Item Activity.

Can anyone help me in this Issue?


try “click image”


I used that as well. but it is not working.


Any error, screen shot please

It is not showing any error. Not allowing to enter Credentials. i have to enter credentials manullay?

Hi Dharmika,

Write a batch file with Admin write, after that you can run that batch file with with Start process Activity
you can Achieve this easily


Hi Aditya,

Acutally I don’t know much about this. Anyway, I will try it once. thanks for responding.


Yes, you can automate this, windows suspends all processes when the credential screen is open. You have to find out alternative.

you can Google it, how to write batch file, you will get a lots of Solutions
let me know if facing any issue

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Okay. i will try it.

Thank you Aditya. Now i got an idea about batch files. Now i need to write a batch file with commands to open an application right?


yeah, you can Give Admin privileges too
and trigger the Batch file by Start process
you need to Give path of command prompt and batch file, it will work perfactly

Okay @aditya.prakash

Thank you so much Aditya. It is working :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to Help you