How to open a private session in Firefox?

Hi guys, how to use UiPath to open a private/incognito session in Firefox? I am using Studio 2019.6.0 and had UiPath Firefox Plugin installed and grant the plugin access in incognito mode. I have also checked the “Private” checkbox in “Options” panel but it did not work.

But if I change the browser to Edge, it can work. So maybe it’s because UiPath does not support “open an incognito session” in Firefox, at least for now?

Hi @apsonandtesla,

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Just checked and I’ve got the same behaviour on both 2019.6.0 and 2019.4.1 with latest version of Firefox so looks like a bug in the browser extension (all the other browsers work correctly). Hope you can work around that problem !

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Thank you Filip. So it is indeed an issue with Firefox extension😆. Hope this will be fixed in the future.