OpenBrowser activity behaves different in Chrome/Firefox in private Mode

Basically the issue is very simple. I want to be able to switch the used browser. But the currently used browser should behave in the same way. So using a private browser session is a proper way to solve that issue. In the Chrome this works fine. It opens a new private session of Chrome. But when I used the Firefox, it opens the usual Firefox with a new tab. So this is not a private session and I get the list of account I already logged in with.

I want to have the Firefox to behave like the Chrome does. How is that possible?

Additional Info:

  • In Edge it also works properly like in Chrome.
  • In IE it also works properly like in Chrome.

I do not see any issues here but that’s a strange behaviour.

Karthik Byggari

The issue is (as you can see in the browser images) that Firefox is not a private session. And my process needs the Sign in window to work.

Sure I could check if the “Pick a account” page is open. But I want the Firefox to also work…

I am not sure, can u please check the setting that each time it should open new tab kind of thing is enabled there

I’m not sure what you mean. Just start that process and you see what I mean.

Should do: start new Firefox Browser private session
Actually does: open Firefox and a new tab

StartNewSession.xaml (4.5 KB)

im not sure but maybe Firefox type is not supported to use as private in UiPath open browser activity, but you could open it manually (and make it a private one) and use attach window after…

If it’s not supported as private browser in UiPath. Why that combination is possible to choose?

That would be nonsense :smiley:

By supported i meant, a bug :slight_smile: But you can tag this as a bug and for now if you can, utilize chrome or IE…

So do I need to report this as a bug in UiPath Studio now? Or you already know about it?

I Cant officially confirm, but it does look like it does not work with Firefox, can you confirm @badita @Pablito ?

Hi @bcorrea,
Problem is known. Proper team is working on solution :slight_smile: