How to open a Excel with a pop up msgbox?

As title, I have a excel file, filename extension is xlsb. This file have a Workbook_open event, and it will pop up a message box.

If I use activity-“Excel Application Scope” to open this file, it will stop running before I click the button of message box. I tried to use activity-“Click”, but it didn’t work, because last activity-“Excel Application Scope” still not finish. How should I do?

@JP_Chang it would be better if you can share the scrrenshot of the popup and the error which you are getting.

you can download this snippet

put main flow here e.g. excel application scope

then open this workflow

edit selector and select button to close popup

The Excel file(File Link) has a simple event(for test), It will pop up a msgbox after file opened.

In process, when the file is opened by activity, the UiPath will stop on flow-“Open test file”, and can not process to next activity-“Click button on Msgbox”.

@JP_Chang Can you send a sample .xlsb file which opens this type of pop-up?


Use START PROCESS activity and pass the filepath of the file as input under property FileName

This will open the pop up and then try using CLICK activity

Cheers @JP_Chang

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@Palaniyappan , thank you, it’s worked. But I need to use activity-“Read Range”, and it must be under activity-“Excel Application Scope”.

While I can click the button by use activity-“Start Process”, but It will be cause another problem.

Handle popups such as Update Links - (4.4 KB)

you can use excel application scope + read range with this…

handle popup in this sequence

(unzip this in your project folder and run "Read range with popup.xaml"
Read range with (4.6 KB)

@jack.chan It’s awesome! Thanks for your help.

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