How to neglect already processed files from SQL to uipath

Hello Team, I’m interacting from SQL to uipath to do the Automation . I’m saving the sql table data in Excel and looping through each rows to perform specific operations and sending out e-mail . The bot has to run every one hour
if the data in Excel has already been iterated and email was sent, in the next bot run when the data gets added newly, how to neglect the previously processed rows and loop only the newly added data from sql?

Eg: the table has StartTime, state, processname and if state =2, I’ll be sending out e-mail.
I hope I’m clear!


You can maintain a column in Excel / SQL like status
So Once you send the email, you can modify the Status as Success
So Next time if the same record comes you can validate with the Status column

Hope this may help you


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