How to navigate to non-filterable fields

Hi guys,

If you refer to the img attached. I am trying to build a robot that can enter some mapping data into a system. However, it first needs to know the resulting ledger account and then which condition dimension to update. However, these columns are not filterable. For a human, you have to manually scroll to the fields you wish to update. Would anyone have any suggestions on how this navigation can be automated?

img is here

Hi, Is the application you are operating on the website or is it a program?

If it is on WWW check if you can use selectors to specify “column name” or “column id” or "column number and whether you can do the same with rows.

If the position of the fields is always the same with respect to column> row you can make a dynamic selector.

Thanks Adrian - Unfortunately, it is not always the same for the row. The robot would have to probably check each row and subrow for the correct dimension, which seems a bit tedious. Would there be any more efficient ways?