Desktop application grid issue

Hi friends,

Can anyone please help me with one of my urgent issues?
There is a desktop application I’m working on. Which is having one grid and I have to automate that app where I have to update one of the column of that particular grid.
Like, column name is XYZ then I have to fill some data with that column name and click on Update . There is no export / import that we can do and no database that we can work.
Please help me for the same.


Hello @hemal,

Is it possible for you to come up with a set of keyboard clicks to make your way to the “XYZ” column first and then follow that up with a Type Into?

Basically, if you are able to do it with a pre-define set of keyboard Tabs manually, you must be able to automate it.

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Hi @AndyMenon ,

But it’s a bigger grid and lot of data that requires scroll bar as well.
It is difficult with tab …can try anyways but there are some blank rows as well which we don’t have to update…we have to update those records where other columns provide any data then this column (“XYZ”) will be updated.

Is it possible you can filter out the rows you don’t need? Do you have that option? What are the Menu options of this desktop application? Can you explore those to see if you have some options that will help you filter the grid?

Regardless, you can try to get the automation working.

Three things I would keep in mind:

  1. First, if you don’t have any other option, then you are correct in trying the solution that is currently possible
  2. Second, if you get this solution to work, it is the machine that will be doing the work for you
  3. Third, you might come up with new ways to improvise your solution or come up with something entirely new once you see you solution in action