How to multiply?

How to multiply

I want to multiply the days and the distance.

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Hi @helpplease

=> Use read range workbook activity to read the excel and store in to a datatable.
=> Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate each row
=> Take an assign activity inside for each, create a variable called result it will be in double
=> Assign → Result = CDbl(row(“Column1”)) * CDbl(row(“Column2”))
=> You can use the Result variable to pass anywhere.

Check the below workflow for better understanding.

Check the output below, for your reference I write the result in the result column.

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Use an assign activity where left side is multipliedValue and of type Double and right side is CDbl(currentRows(“Days”))*CDbl(currentRows(“Distance”))

Assign: doubleVariable = Convert.ToDouble(Var2)
Days* doubleVariable

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Please find the below xaml (153.4 KB)

O/P :
Input.xlsx (9.4 KB)


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How do I use range H1:J4 and write to column K?


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Screenshot 2023-07-27 212028
column not found

I changed the header to the date.

I’ve ticked add headers by why does it says column not found?

You can try giving index instead of column name

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