Keyboard Hot Keys for Horizontal Scroll

Hi All,

Quick qn on keyboard hot keys.

Ctrl+End - move to the end of the document

Ctrl+Home - move to the beginning of the document

Is there a keyboard short cut that can do horizontal scroll? In particularly, scroll to extreme right / left of a page?

Had been googling but to no avail

Thanks in advance


Ctrl + right/left arrow?

Not perfect as it won’t work if you have breaks.

You could always use ctrl + home/end and get current cell location and use that info to navigate manually.

Hi @Aaron_Hubbart

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: Yup, I had tried

Ctrl + Right / Left Arrow

but I would have to do repeat the same keyboard hot key multiple times before I can reach e.g. the extreme right / left of the window. Was thinking if there was a faster way for it.

Do let me know if you have one.

Thanks in advance


Navigate to last row/column in excel, then ctrl +up /right.

Hi Jack! Thank you for posting!

May i check why you need to do the horizontal scroll? Are you automating using Image recognition? Can you let us know what you are automating?

Typically, if you use a click activity and you click simulate type as the input mode, it will be able to tick.

Similar would be if you use set text instead of type into.

I know i did not directly answer the question but i hope this is what you are looking for.

Hi @seanrockvz13

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile: To share, I am automating a use case of a legacy website where there is a button which is at the right corner of the site. To reach the button, it will require me to scroll horizontally right before I can click the button.

I had tried using click activity / double click (simulate) w/o the use of horizontal scroll. It works but is not stable and may fail at times. I realise that it will be stable if i were to click right arrow till the extreme right of the site before I click on the button.

I am using Ctrl + right keyboard hot key 5 times, to ensure that I have scrolled to the extreme right before I click on the button. However, am thinking of find a way to immediately scroll to the right of the site using just 1 hot key activity.

Hope this explains :slight_smile:



Okay, i got it. Thank you for your explanation. However, it may not be always the case that you need to press 5 times.

If i may suggest, you may want to put a while loop to ensure that you already found the button before proceeding. Hence, after clicking 5 times, maybe you want to check if you are able to find the button. So that if still it was not found, then you can click further until it is found.

In the click activity, there is also a double click. Try to check if it is a lot faster.
Sorry, i am not aware of keyboard hotkey for horizontal scroll.