How to move from one robot model to another(unattended to attended)

Me and my team have implemented RPA solution in an unattended robot model architecture.
However, considering the infrastructure issues and growing complexity of the process, we have planned to rebuild the solution as attended robot model.

  1. Wanted to know if any one have done that previously?
  2. What was the typical journey for moving from one robot model to another?
  3. What things to keep in mind while doing so?
  4. What are the risk involved in moving from unattended to attended model?

In the Best practices document I have read that always decide between FOR and BOR before kick of the project.
And while I am learning by creating small projects my thought is it will take the same amount of time as if creating the project from scratch.
My suggestion would be to start right from the 1st step of designing the archieture rather than spending time to rework on created project (editing the project to make it attended).
2nd suggestion would be you can keep the unattended part.
and just add the new requirements in attended automation such that it will not take the effort of rebuilding the whole project.


I am exactly at this moment designing the Infrastructure Architecture to support the robots deployment and similar questions come into my mind. I’ve put an articles asking for best practices & options offered by UiPath. Anyway, what I am thinking as a design is to deploy UiPath Studio & UiRobot under a Windows Server OS with RDS enabled running multiple Robots using the High Density Robots feature available in UiPath. Applications used by robots will be on the same machine as robots. Business owners would be able to access their specific Robots sessions through RDS. Any comments are welcome. Many thanks, Alexandre